AutonomouStuff-Supported Hardware/OS Configurations

Supported/Unsupported Configurations

If you would like another hardware/OS/ROS version configuration to be supported by AutonomouStuff, please contact

Fully-Supported Configurations

Hardware PlatformOperating SystemROS VersionEnd of Support

AStuff Lumina

AStuff Nebula

AStuff Spectra

AStuff Custom Servers

Ubuntu 16.04Kinetic KameTBD

Supported on Best-Effort Basis

Hardware PlatformOperating SystemROS VersionEnd of Support
Any x86_64 HardwareUbuntu 16.04Kinetic KameTBD
Any x86_64 HardwareUbuntu 18.04Melodic MoreniaTBD

Unsupported but Customer-reported Builds/Tests Succeeded

Hardware PlatformOperating SystemROS VersionReported WorkingReported Non-Working
NXP BlueBoxUbuntu 16.04 (Custom Kernel)Kinetic KameAll Open-Source AS ROS Nodes (
NVidia DrivePX 2Ubuntu 16.04 (Custom Kernel)Kinetic Kame

All Open-Source AS ROS Nodes ( except:

  • kvaser_interface
  • pacmod_game_control

Logitech F310 button mapping is different than x86_64

Cannot build Kvaser canlib SDK for Kvaser CAN devices

Cannot connect to Quantum storage systems directly