Supported Devices

The following is the list of currently-supported sensors in the AutonomouStuff Binary Driver Pack. All other sensors provided by AutonomouStuff either have open-source ROS drivers available or are in the queue to have a driver developed by AutonomouStuff.

Supported Systems:

Neobotix USBoardJoshua WhitleyApr 22, 2019
PACMod System (v1 and v2 only)Joshua WhitleyJan 16, 2019
Ibeo LUX and LUX FusionJoshua WhitleyNov 19, 2018
PACMod System (v3 and above)Joshua WhitleyOct 17, 2018
Mobileye 560/660Joshua WhitleySep 04, 2018
Kartech Linear ActuatorJoshua WhitleySep 04, 2018
Delphi SRR2 (PCAN)Former userSep 04, 2018
Delphi ESRFormer userSep 04, 2018
Ibeo ScaLa and ScaLa FusionJoshua WhitleyNov 03, 2017