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2.0.0 (Compatible with AS ROS Binary Driver Versions 2.0.0 and newer)

  • Previously, there were separate firmware packages for customers with PACMod v1.x and PACMod v2.x boards. They have now been merged into a single firmware package.
  • Feature Addition: Now supports the Lexus RX-450h.
  • Feature Addition: Several delays were being reported in the firmware (upon enable, some braking). These have been resolved/removed.
  • Feature Addition: The firmware now transmits a Vehicle VIN report on CAN ID 0xFF.
  • Bug Fix: On several vehicles, the steering values were being reported in the wrong reference frame (LHR instead of RHR). This has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix/Feature Addition: The brake command and report values were previously between -1.0 and 0. This has now been changed to 0 to 1.0, matching other systems.
  • Bug Fix: Some messages were not being sent in the same encoding format as others. All messages are now transmitted in Big-Endian format.
  • Feature Addition: Added additional messages transmitted for specific vehicle types (like wiper status for International Prostar 122+ and Lat/Lon/Heading report for Lexus RX-450h). See the PACMod ROS Driver details for more information.
  • Breaking Change: The enumeration values for shift have changed. They are now: PARK: 0, REVERSE: 1, NEUTRAL: 2, HIGH/DRIVE: 3, LOW: 4.

1.7.0 (Compatible with AS ROS Binary Driver Versions 1.6.0 and newer)