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rosdriver_name: mobileye_560_660: mobileye_560_660 |
msgs_name: mobileye_560_660_msgs

This driver reads and parses CAN data provided by the Mobileye 560/630/660 with Extended Logging Firmware (provided by AutonomouStuff). The following are available:


Message TypeTopic Name


can_msgs/Framecan_rxAll data published on this topic is intended to be sent to the sensor via a CAN interface.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/AftermarketLaneparsed_tx/aftermarket_laneLane data for detected lanes including confidence value, offset distances, and lane type.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/Ahbcparsed_tx/ahbcInformation about the Automatic High-Beam Control decision.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/AhbcGradualparsed_tx/ahbc_gradualDetailed information about the Automatic High-Beam Control decision model including number of cars, glare, and target tracking.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/AwsDisplayparsed_tx/aws_displayData that are sent to the EyeWatch display.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/FixedFoeparsed_tx/fixed_foeInformation about the inferred horizon and vehicle yaw.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/Laneparsed_tx/laneBasic information about detected lanes including curvature, heading, pitch angle, and yaw angle.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/LkaLaneparsed_tx/left_lka_laneExtended information about the left lane including type, quality, marker width, and parameters used to generate a 3rd degree polynomial model.
parsed_tx/right_lka_laneExtended information about the right lane including type, quality, marker width, and parameters used to generate a 3rd degree polynomial model.
parsed_tx/next_lka_lanesExtended information about the aditional lanes including type, quality, marker width, and parameters used to generate a 3rd degree polynomial model.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/LkaNumOfNextLaneMarkersReportedparsed_tx/lka_num_of_next_lane_markers_reportedThe number of "next lane" markers reported.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/LkaReferencePointsparsed_tx/lka_reference_pointsPosition information about reference points used to generate the polynomial model.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/ObstacleDataparsed_tx/obstacle_dataInformation about each obstacle detected including classification, position, width, age, CIPV status, and relative velocity.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/ObstacleStatusparsed_tx/obstacle_statusInformation about the number of obstacles detected and how they might affect the behavior of the driver.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/Tsrparsed_tx/tsrExtended nformation about each detected traffic sign.
mobileye_560_660_msgs/TsrVisionOnlyparsed_tx/tsr_vision_onlyInformation about the currently-detected signs.
visualization_msgs/Markeras_tx/lane_markersVisualization information about the detected lanes (intended for use in RViz).
perception_msgs/LaneModelsas_tx/lane_modelsCombined model data from multiple types of lane messages pertaining to the closest left and right lanes.
visualization_msgs/Markeras_tx/object_markersVisualization information about the detected objects (intended for use in RViz).
perception_msgs/ObectWithCovarianceas_tx/objectsCombined, detailed physical information about detected objects.


Message TypeTopic NameDescription
can_msgs/Framecan_txAll data published to this topic will be parsed by the driver. This should be connected to a CAN interface.


    The id of the frame of reference of the sensor. This will be attached to all published messages except the lane and object visualization markers.