Configure Channel Names on AutonomouStuff Power Distribution Touchscreen

Change Channel Names

Modifying other parts of the file such as channel default statuses may cause unexpected behavior inside of the application

  1. Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the touchscreen. The ethernet port of the touchscreen is located behind the screen on the opposite of the ribbon cable. You will need to configure your computer to be on a subnet that will allow connection to the touchscreen through ssh. The touchscreen's default IP Address is
  2. Download file from touchscreen

    scp root@ .
  3. Modify the file to add channel#name entries using your text editor of choice. If there is no name defined for a channel it will default to "Channel #" with '#' being the channels number.

  4. Copy the conf file back to the Touchscreen

    scp AutonomouStuff-Dashboard.conf root@
  5. Log into device and reboot

    ssh root@

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