Kartech Linear Actuator

driver_name: kartech_linear_actuator
msgs_name: kartech_linear_actuator_msgs

A ROS driver to command and configure the Kartech Linear Actuator. Provides all feedback data as topics and exposes all configuration parameters as topics.

Supported Hardware

  • Kartech CAN-controlled Linear Actuator

Published Topics

Message TypeTopic NameDescription
can_msgs/Framecan_rxAll data published on this topic is intended to be sent to the sensor via a CAN interface.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/PositionRptparsed_tx/rpt_positionA report of the current extension of the actuator arm.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/EnhancedPositionRptparsed_tx/rpt_enhanced_positionAn extended report of the extension of the actuator arm including motor current and several error statuses.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/MotorCurrentRptparsed_tx/rpt_motor_currentA report of the current motor current.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/SoftwareRevisionRptparsed_tx/rpt_software_revisionA report of the software revision currently running on the actuator.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/UniqueDeviceIdRptparsed_tx/rpt_unique_device_idA report of the unique 12-byte ID of the actuator.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ZeroingMessageRptparsed_tx/rpt_zeroing_messageA report of the voltages and errors on the two chips used for zeroing the motor.
std_msgs/Float64as_tx/positionA report of the current extension of the actuator arm.

Subscribed Topics

Message TypeTopic Name


can_msgs/Framecan_txAll data published to this topic will be parsed by the driver. This should be connected to a CAN interface.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/PositionCmdparsed_rx/cmd_positionSets the extension of the linear actuator arm as well as enabling/disabling the motor and clutch.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/AutoZeroCalCmdparsed_rx/cmd_auto_zero_calAuotmatically zeroes the actuator arm position.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/MotorOverCurrentConfigCmdparsed_rx/cmd_motor_over_current_configSets the default current [mA] at which the motor will automatically turn off when exceeded for a period of time.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/PositionReachErrorTimeConfigCmdparsed_rx/cmd_position_reach_error_time_configSets the time [ms] for which the motor must stall at a given position before an error is reported.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ConfigureOutputsKpKiCmdparsed_rx/cmd_configure_outputs_kp_kiConfigures the p and i terms of the motor's closed-loop control.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ConfigureOutputsKdFreqDeadbandCmdparsed_rx/cmd_configure_outputs_kd_freq_deadbandConfigures the d term of the motor's closed-loop control, the frequency [Hz] at which the control loop will run and the size of the deadband [0.001"].
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ConfigureOutputsPwmFreqCmdparsed_rx/cmd_configure_outputs_pwm_freqConfigures the PWM minimum and maximum duty cycle and frequency for output to the motor.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ReassignReportIdCmdparsed_rx/cmd_reassign_report_idSets the user-defined report ID.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ReassignCommandIdCmdparsed_rx/cmd_reassign_command_idSets up to 4 user-defined command IDs.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ResetCmdparsed_rx/cmd_resetResets various settings on the actuator.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/PriorityConfigCmdparsed_rx/cmd_priority_configAssigns priorities to the CAN messages for various reports.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ReportPollReqparsed_rx/req_report_pollReturns up to 6 report messages at once.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ScheduledReportRatesReqparsed_rx/req_scheduled_report_ratesSets up to 2 reports to be scheduled at an interval [ms].
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/SoftwareVersionReqparsed_rx/req_software_versionRequests details of the current software version on the actuator.
kartech_linear_actuator_msgs/ActuatorUniqueIdReqparsed_rx/req_actuator_unique_idRequests the actuator's 12-byte unique ID.
std_msgs/Float64as_rx/set_positionSets the position of the actuator [m]. Enagages the clutch but leaves the motor off after set.


    The id of the frame-of-reference of the sensor.