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SensorDefault IP AddressDefault PortIP Addressing Conventions
Velodyne VLP16192.168.1.2012368If multiple must be accessible on the same subnet we increment both the IP Address and port by 1. (e.g.
Velodyne HDL-32192.168.1.2012368
Velodyne HDL-64192.168.3.432368We do not reassign the HDL-64 IP Address unless specifically requested/required
Mako Camera169.254.x.x
192.168.x.1 where x is 10, 20, 30, etc.  Starting with 10 at the front left camera, moving clockwise around the vehicle, increasing the third octal by 10 for each camera.
Novatel ReceiverN/A2000192.168.74.10
FLIR (PointGrey) Camera169.254.x.x

FlyCap2 will assign an IP address to the Camera if the computer has been set up correctly to allow the camera to be visible to FlyCap2. The computer's IP Address should be set to an IP such as with a netmask of 16 ( 

When assigning IP addresses to FLIR cameras, AutonomouStuff uses the convention of incrementing the 3rd octet of a subnet starting with 1 clockwise around a vehicle starting from the left most camera (driver side) at the front of the vehicle. Standard IP Addresses are configured to be 172.16.x.1 For instance:

Front Driver172.16.1.1
Front Center172.16.2.1
Front Passenger172.16.3.1
Rear Passenger172.16.4.1
Rear Driver172.16.5.1

Main ECU (Configured by AutonomouStuff)
The final octet is incremented by 1 for every ECU in the vehicle. 
AutonomouStuff Power Distribution System Dashboard192.168.150.15

Delphi ESR 2.5169.254.145.715555

Configuring Spectra Ethernet Ports

All ports should be configured with Subnet Mask = 24, so the IP of the port should have the same first three octets as the sensor that is plugged into it.  Generally, the final octet of the port is set to 100.

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